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asics gel lyte
There are many runners who would happily serve as asics gel lyte guinea pigs for novel shoe designs, and I count myself as one of them. I test more shoes than I should, and probably am messing myself up in the process as I don't acclimate to any of them. But, if I can provide some at least subjective and maybe a bit of objective detail on what makes then different, then I hope that I have helped in some way. If Asics should decide to expand their selection of shoes that might be similar to the Piranha, send me a pair, I'll be happy to give some feedback.Pete where do I start? Lots odf questions so I will try. 

 Biomechanics and science should be forefront  build the best product for the runner based on sound science as you suggest that really IS what we do it is the only way it can work. "I do realize that products have to sell, but sometimes maybe asics gel nimbus taking a risk on a novel product is worth it because it's the right thing to do" Pete a part of my job is to try to identify injury trends in the community, and then see if I can design a research project to understand why that is happening. Sometimes it results in shoe technology asics tigers that helps, sometime is has nothing to do with shoes. 

Let me give you an example of this and the risks we take. In 2005 I identified a group of athletes who had an extraordinary divergence of injury rate and type in the sports community. in particular this group was suffering ruptures of their ACL's at a rate 8 times more often than their peer group. This group? Women. I wanted to try to understand why this was happening, and what we might be able to do to help, given that, at the time, all women's shoes were downsized versions of mens shoes, making zero recognition of the diffrences in asics trainers mens anatomy, physiology biomechanics, etc. So we embarked on a fascinating journey. 

We set aside a budget of several million dollars, and went to the Univerity of Melbourne to meet with Professor Kim Bennell (a woman), the head of the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine. There, we mapped out a research project that was to take 4 years, and headed up by the  extraordinary mind of Dr. Adam Bryant, a biomechanist at CHESM. I will not bore you with the details, but the research yielded 3 papers, all published, and if you are interested, I will send them to you. 

Ok. I've been thinking that I may be unfairly judging you (and Asics). So I'd like to try out a pair of Asics to try out. I went on the web-site to the shoe fit chart, but I couldn't really get past that page. Step 3 asks the consumer to select our "Category Type" but the only options available are "Structured," "Cushioning," "Maximum," and "Trail." If my foot requires a minimally supportive and minimally cushioned shoe because my foot arch is extremely strong as are the supportive muscles in my foot and leg, then which Asics shoe would you recommend? I am unconvinced that there is anything wrong with my running gait as evidenced by absolutely no foot, leg, or joint pain during short or long runs. 

Still targeting the same audience from asics womens running shoes a marketing standpoint as a shoe like the Brooks Beast based on what is said in that video.It sounds like a decent shoe (though the heel seems a little high for a "minimal" offering). I'd definitely be open to giving them an honest shot, but I'm not sure how to get you my info without putting it out there for everyone (not that I don't trust Pete or the readers of his awesome blog). Thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront of your upcoming meetings. I hope that Asics will truly consider [Obrazek: asics%20womens%20running%20shoes-694dpy.jpg] bringing a minimal shoe lineup to shoe store shelves soon.

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